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ICSG Intercom Deliveries for Navy's E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Continue

Mon, Sep 16 2013

AN/AYQ-27 Intercom System Offers Advanced Features to Increase Crew Station Operator Efficiency

The Integrated Communication Systems Group (ICSG) of Falls Church, Virginia, a division of Mathtech, Inc., continues delivery of the AN/AYQ-27 Intercom Systems for installation aboard the Navy’s new E-2D Airborne Early Warning Surveillance (AEW) aircraft.

            The AN/AYQ-27 replaces the legacy AN/AIC-14 intercom system currently in service aboard the E-2C aircraft, the E-2D’s predecessor.  The new system is designed to help operators deal efficiently with the increased volume and speed of today’s tactical AEW communications and data information flow.

            ICSG recently received an Advanced Procurement Authorization (APA) to include five ship set order plus spares over a 15 month period.  The company recently completed low rate initial production of 6 ship sets plus spares and has operational systems in the fleet.

            Making the announcement was Mathtech’s president, Betsy Curtin, who said that “the company is also anticipating a multi-year production award amounting to 27 additional ship sets over a five year period”.  Curtin goes on to say that “this award continues to give ICSG leverage on other fixed and rotary wing platforms”.  David McCoy, ICSG’s Vice President, indicated "that variants and derivatives of the AN/AYQ-27 have ground vehicle, shipboard and UAV applications”.

Major Intercom Upgrades

           Selection of ICSG was based on an earlier SBIR study of the AN/AIC-14 involving supportability and readiness problems plaguing the intercom systems installed aboard older E-2C AEW aircraft.  During the analysis phase of the program, the new inter-communications system (ICS) was designed using unparalleled SWaP reduced intercom architecture as a baseline. The result was a software driven, net centric, crew station intercom that is flexible, adaptable and scalable. Offering far more functionality than current intercoms, the AN/AYQ-27 is designed to complement the upgraded mission capabilities of the E-2D aircraft.  Also known as Intellicom-27™, the ICSG system has applications on other platforms as well.

           Fully flight qualified and designated as the AN/AYQ-27, the system provides increased performance and versatility at a lower ownership cost than any comparable ICS in the industry.  It is also highly reliable and fleet supportable.  As such, the AN/AYQ-27 provides a number of innovative features, consistent with the upgraded mission of the E-2D aircraft.

            Like its predecessor, the purpose of the E-2D is to serve as the “mission manager” for Navy carrier battle groups, providing expanded battlespace awareness and multi-sensor fusion for carrier task force operations.

About ICSG    

            ICSG, a Division of Mathtech, Inc., is a developer and manufacturer of communications systems for a wide range of military, homeland security and law enforcement applications. The company, which has been in existence since 1959, is widely known in the fields of computer analytics, program development and systems analysis.

            The ICSG Group was created as a separate division following Mathtech’s selection as the developer and manufacturer of the new AN/AYQ-27 advanced E-2D crew station intercom system.

            Additional information concerning the company may be obtained by contacting Marvin Goldberg at (301)807-5422 or  Please visit us at


​Founded in 1959 under the name Mathematica, Mathtech (​) is a woman-owned, small business. The company isheadquartered in Falls Church, VA, and is staffed by over 50 professionals.Mathtech evolved as a division of Mathematica and became a subsidiary of thecompany in 1976. Acquired by Lockheed Martin (then Martin Marietta) in 1983,the company was then taken private in 1986 and has remained an independentcorporate entity ever since.