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  •    Crew Station
  • Emergency Box   
  • Communication Hub Server
  • Headset Integrated  
    Wireless Intercom    
  •   Wireless Intercom
Welcome to ICSG

A New World Standard in Military IntercomPerformance™

The Integrated Communications Systems Group (ICSG) is a developer of platform agnostic integrated communications systems that are rugged, reliable, and world class.  These systems represent best inclass solutions to complex engineering requirements.  They are driven by strict ​SWaP initiatives​, together with end user conceptual design.


Solutions include the extensive use of fibre optics, stress/fatigue-reducing designs, high isolation technology and Fly Home Safe™ emergency communication, all with full EMI/Tempest Compliance.  The system and its variants are compatible with a wide range of combat platforms for air, land, and seagoing applications.


ICSG’s manufacturing oversight assures on-time delivery within budget, while upholding the highest quality standards. The company is currently under contract to provide long-term, high volume production of the ​AN/AYQ-27 Digital Communication Management System, commercially known as Intellicom-27™,​ for the Navy’s new E-2D airborne surveillance aircraft.


AN/AYQ-27 from ICSG

Real-Time Communication Situational Awareness

for the Warfighter -- Air, Land, and Sea

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The Integrated Communications Systems Group (ICSG)


​Founded in 1959 under the name Mathematica, Mathtech (​) is a woman-owned, small business. The company isheadquartered in Falls Church, VA, and is staffed by over 50 professionals.Mathtech evolved as a division of Mathematica and became a subsidiary of thecompany in 1976. Acquired by Lockheed Martin (then Martin Marietta) in 1983,the company was then taken private in 1986 and has remained an independentcorporate entity ever since.