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February 26 – 28, 2020 ICSG to Exhibit Latest Intercom Technology at Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando

The Integrated Communications Systems Group (ICSG), A Division of Mathtech Inc., will be exhibiting at the Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium for the 4th consecutive year.  Shown below is then Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson discussing ICSG’s Intercom System and the Air National Guard Team, headed by its Director, Lt Gen Rice, visited ICSG’s booth at a recent AFA event to discuss ICS applications. 

At this event, ICSG plans to demonstrate its state-of-the-art Digital Communication Management System (DCMS), also known as an the AN/AYQ-27 ICS. The AN/AYQ-27, its variants and derivative configurations have applications across a wide range of airborne platforms (fixed and rotary wing), ground based vehicles (tracked and wheeled), as well as maritime vessels.  The AN/AYQ-27 has integrated VOIP capability which will be demonstrated nationally.

Our flagship DCMS, the AN/AYQ-27, is intelligent, flight qualified, tempest compliant, and mission critical.  The AN/AYQ-27 current configuration consists 2 LRU's, offers high degree of isolation with no cross talk, has no single point of failure due to its distributed architecture, and is flexible, scalable and expandable via its high bandwidth fiber optic backbone. It has a "Glass Panel Interface" option among other advanced technologies. The AN/AYQ-27 aids in the reduction of operator fatigue and stress with our User Defined Spatial Audio™ and improved intelligibility with True Voice Technology™.

It’s a low risk, cost-effective solution for many platforms and its derivatives and variants have applications in fighter, attack, trainer, helicopter, and cargo aircraft. As a military supplier, we are AS-9100 and ISO-9001 certified.

 In addition, ICSG will launch a wireless intercom solution for various vehicle platforms and dismounted warfighters including loadmasters, ground and maintenance crews.  The wireless solution solves a safety and maneuverability gap for the warfighter.  Actually, the wireless intercom package allows the warfighter to have untethered flexibility and mobility during strategic air and ground operations.

ICSG plans to introduce an Optical Radio/Data Digitizer™.  This solution utilizes fiber-optic platform eliminating EMI/EMC susceptibility of copper interface cables while substantially lowering the overall weight, improving performance and reducing maintenance costs. Eliminating EMI/EMC of copper cables provides a significant peer-to-peer advantage.  The Optical Data Digitizer™ (ODD), on the other hand, allows analog data to be digitized and distributed throughout the platform, also via fiber optics, further reducing weight and increasing performance.

Please visit our booth number 104.


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